Children’s Surgical Mask – ASTM 2 FDA 510K (50/BOX)

$40.00 $17.00


Our 3-ply Procedure/ Surgical Masks are ASTM Level 2 with FDA 510K Certification. The mask provides the highest protection – ideal for procedures where high intense amounts of fluid, spray and/or aerosols are produced. Our disposable 3-ply medical masks are suitable for high-traffic, medical, hospital use. Disposable medical masks are made with a form fitting pliable nose and chin band.

Model number: SP01
510K Number: K152197
Test Result: BFE Min 99.7 (ASTM L2 98%), PFE Min 99.85 (ASTM L2 98%), 0.1 Micron. Synthetic Blood Penetration: 120mmHg (16.0k Pa)
Color: Blue



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